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Ways to lower your AC costs this summer

Jun 4, 2019

Americans spend $29 billion a year on air conditioning. Seventy-five percent of American homes have an air conditioner. That energy sends 117 million metric tons of Carbon Dioxide into the air every year according to the Department of Energy.  High air conditioning costs are bad for the environment and bad for your pocket. Here are the five best ways to reduce your AC costs this summer.


1. Don’t lose your cool!

You probably lose some of your cool air to poor insulation. Cold air seeps out through bad seals around windows and doors, while a sunny window naturally heats up the house.  Window treatments can also help. Colored window treatments or reflective blinds are particularly good at keeping the sun’s hot rays from ruining your cool.

If you aren’t able to identify insulation issues yourself, consider asking your local contractor to conduct a home energy audit. A pro can find the tricky leaks and recommend the best solutions to make your home more energy efficient. 


2. Get a programmable thermostat

You don’t need to run the air conditioning all day. Smart thermostats know when you’re home and when you’re not, so you don’t end up paying for a cool home when you aren’t there to enjoy it. According to the Department of Energy, a programmable thermostat can help you save 10% on energy every year.


3. Create a natural ventilation system with fans

Sometimes it’s not quite hot enough to justify turning on the A/C, but it’s still too warm in your home. Fans can help increase your home’s natural ventilation and keep new air circulating throughout the house. Running a ceiling fan at the same time as the A/C will let you keep your thermostat four degrees higher without sacrificing any comfort. By coupling fans with air conditioning, you can ensure that cold air is spread evenly throughout the home. 


4. Service your air conditioning system

Servicing your A/C units requires some upfront expenditure, but will save you in the long term. A HVAC specialist will make sure your system is running at peak efficiency and that all the cooling machinery is working correctly. A well-maintained machine will last longer, saving you the money of replacing it down the line. You can also reduce your air conditioning consumption by replacing filters more frequently. For a $10 dollar filter every few months, you can cut the total A/C costs by five to fifteen percent. 


5. Upgrade or switch to an energy-efficient system

Energy Star-qualified A/C models are up to 15% more efficient than other air conditioners according to the Department of Energy. Some new models can even heat homes that are 30% larger for the same cost. If you do decide to invest in a new system, make sure it’s installed correctly. The Department of Energy reports that improper installation can result in an energy loss of up to 27 percent.

Whether you’re looking for a new thermostat, service on an existing A/C system, options for a new or upgraded system, or pricing on a home energy audit, Rush Services is a great place to start.