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Suffering from cold rooms, multiple breakdowns, and high energy costs? The dedicated, trained technicians at Rush Services can help you finding the best solution. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your heating system and share relevant information about a repair or installation. Skilled support for all your heating needs includes:

  • Installation and repair for all types of heating systems
  • Annual service plans
  • Furnace and boiler repair
  • Heating system installation, repair, or replacement.

Properly installed heating systems can provide years of good service; however, breakdowns always seem to occur when extremely cold temperatures hit or when snow and ice cause problems. During our annual service and cleaning of your heating system, our knowledgeable technicians can perform preventive maintenance and determine if a system requires repair or replacement.

Rush Services offers a quality line of heating boilers and furnaces for residential and commercial use. The benefits of installing a new heating system include:

  • Avoiding breakdown emergencies
  • Lower energy costs
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Superior performance and reliability through new technologies

Because the service life of a heating system often depends on the quality of its installation, we take special care to ensure the highest standard of workmanship — keeping you, your family, and your business warm and safe. If your heating system requires replacement, we’ll provide all the options and help you make the best decision for your family or business.

Good heating system maintenance also includes air duct cleaning and sealing. Rush Services has all the equipment needed to remove dust and contaminants from your ductwork. Studies show that a typical home loses nearly 20 percent of air because of leaks, holes, or poor connections; on the other hand, a properly sealed duct adds energy efficiency, ensures safety, and promotes comfort.

Along with boilers and furnaces, Rush Services offers humidifiers, dehumidifiers, pool heaters, ultraviolet lights, and electrostatic air filters. Our full range of products can maintain desired humidity levels for comfort and to protect furniture and floors. Ultraviolet lights kill airborne microbial growth of mold, bacteria and viruses throughout your home, ductwork, and heating system. Electrostatic air filters remove contaminants, including pollen, mold, and pet dander.