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Air Conditioning

Summertime in our beautiful county often means hot and humid days, so dependable air conditioning systems to provide cool air are practically a necessity. Rush Services responds quickly to your emergency repair needs, offers annual service plans, and installs new air conditioning equipment to replace outdated systems. Our licensed and experienced technicians can address and fix any problems in both residential and commercial air conditioning systems.

A properly installed air conditioning system will also have a large impact on your energy costs. Our air conditioning specialists can help you select the system that meets your comfort preferences as well as the unique needs of your home or business. Our consultation process will answer questions about the proper sizing of the compressor as well as questions about ductwork sizing and location.

Rush Services also offers residential and commercial installations of ductless, mini-split systems. If your home lacks the space for extending or installing distribution ductwork, simply choose one of our Energy Star compliant units instead. Our installation teams can match the right indoor air handling units and outdoor units for your heating and cooling needs.

Rush Services offers the experience, expertise, tools, and equipment needed for the smooth operation of your air conditioning system.  Our service agreements ensure that your system will provide efficient and reliable cooling, and they cover all levels of maintenance and repair.